Complaining About Nothing? Are people falsely accusing the NFL of being unsafe?

Much criticism has gone towards the NFL with people saying the league isn’t doing enough to keep the players safe.

What else can the league do without changing the game?

The league has already proposed to take out kickoffs and in my opinion is too much of a change. Players like Ray Rice, Devin Hester, and Randall Cobb got to where they are today because of special teams.

Compared to other sports, the NFL is quite safe. In boxing, their job is to knock out the opponent, yet the attention boxing is getting unsafe is nothing compared to the NFL.

These NFL athletes are getting paid millions of dollars to play a sport, so take that into prospective. Would you want to have a completely safe job and get paid 20,000-40,000 dollars a year, or get paid about 100,000 a game but have a risk of getting hurt. These athletes would never give up their huge paychecks to be a little more safe.

And what type of injuries are we talking about? Knees, shoulders, ankles and the occasional concussion.

However, we send thousands of healthy young men over seas to serve in the United States Military, with many becoming physically and mentally scarred….even fatalities.

Yet people are complaining about the safety of millionaires.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to see athletes get hurt. But it is just a part of sports and to try to prevent all injuries is unrealistic.

Athletes getting injured should be the last of people’s worries.


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