Should Women Play in The NFL?

Should a woman be allowed to play football on the same fields as a man?

Why not?

As times have changed, women have been quickly gaining all the privileges that men have. Same work wages, voting, and education. However, there is one place that is extremely sexist, and that is sports.

Yes, men are naturally built differently than women, but I said naturally. Nothing is natural about the men that play in the NFL. So what about the women who are unnaturally athletic and talented? Why can’t they play with men.

There are three points that people often use as excuses as why women can’t play in the NFL. 1. Woman can’t handle the physical nature of men. 2. They have their own woman’s league. 3. Men don’t want to hit women.

These are all pathetic excuses that can easily be argued.

First, woman CAN be tough. Just look at the woman boxers, basketball players, and professional body builders. They are comparable and sometimes better than men. A large amount of woman Olympic athletes can be great NFL players. And women don’t have to be linemen, they can be in positions that don’t require as much “toughness” such as quarterback, punter or kicker. If men can do it, why can’t women.

Second the WPFL (woman’s professional football league) is pathetic compared to the NFL. The pay and media attention can’t even be compared to the NFL. It is much comparable to segregation in our nations past history. Separating Blacks and Whites to different schools, yet they were nowhere equal. Same for football. Women should have the right to be anything they want, including NFL players.

Third, the complaints by male NFL players will go away over time. When men and women first began working together in our history, men complained too. Same when women began joining the military. Women won’t care if they get hit in the NFL so men shouldn’t worry about hitting them.

Many people have heard of Sam Gordon who has played extrodinary… even though she is a girl.

Women should be able to play in the NFL and there just aren’t enough excuses to not allow it.

Equality applies to everything, including sports.

If you want to see Sam Gordon’s highlight reel, catch it here… Sam Gordon-YouTube


4 responses to “Should Women Play in The NFL?

  1. 1. Women can be tough, but to suggest they are tough enough to play in the NFL is silly. Olympic sprinters don’t have the size and strength to be in the NFL, bodybuilding is just about the physique, not actual strength, and the women with the strength necessary wouldn’t be nearly quick enough.

    2. That will just have to be, instead of campaigning this ridiculous cause, why not try and raise more awareness for their league?

    3. If men did become comfortable with hitting women, they wouldn’t last one game they’d be injured so quick.

  2. Its not about being Tough. if you can run a fast 40. jump higher and are extremely skilled. by all means go ahead

  3. dont forget about sexual horrasment that crap will mess the league up i belive women shouldnt be allowed in the NFL

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