They’re Called What? NFL Team Names

With the NBA New Orleans Hornets changing their team name to New Orleans Pelicans, I began to realize that sports teams names are often quite strange.

Looking at the NFL teams, some names should be questioned.


Miami Dolphins:
Yes I understand that Miami has dolphins in its great waters, but a dolphin is a terrible name for a bunch of freakishly large men. Thank God New Mexico doesn’t have a football team or we might have the Santa Fe Butterflies.

New England Patriots:
Speaking of manliness, I think New England’s name does not fit its team. When people think of a “Patriot” from the revolutionary war, pretty boys Tom Brady and Wes Welker don’t come to mind. Also I am pretty sure there wasn’t a Patriot by the name “Gronk” who spikes footballs. Nobody can live up to the name of a Patriot.

Buffalo Bills:
Am I the only one confused on why they are the “Bills” yet their logo is a bison?

Cleveland Browns:
Yes, I understand that the team is name after a beloved coach, but to what I know, their logo is an orange helmet. As the NFL is beginning to modernize, I think the Browns need to jump on the train.

Pittsburg=Steel Production…. Naming your team after your cities industry=Unoriginal. What’s next? The Illinois Lawyers? Idaho Farmers?

Indianapolis Colts:
Apparently I don’t my geography because last time I checked, Indiana isn’t know for wild colts galloping. Giddy up

Denver Broncos:
Is there a common theme of teams being named after horses when their state doesn’t have many horses?

Kansas City Chiefs:
Aren’t Chiefs supposed to better than everybody else. Or maybe they meant Chief of garbage.

Oakland Raiders:
What the heck is a Raider?

San Diego Chargers:
Out of all of the beautiful things that are in San Diego, they chose Charger as their name and a lightning bolt as a logo. Who are they sponsored by? iPhone?


New York Giants:
The last person I think of when I hear the word “Giant” is scrawny Eli Manning. Oh maybe it’s short for Giant crybabies.

Washington Redskins:
Does anybody else find naming a team located in the Nations capital after a type of people that we hurt hundreds of years ago inappropriate. What’s next? The New Mexico Mexicans or Georgia African Americans?

Chicago Bears:
I have traveled to Chicago many time and I have NEVER seen a bear. I have seen men that looked like Bears.

Detroit Lions:
Detroit confuses me. The last thing I think of when I think of the players in Detroit are Lions. They should be the Detroit Kickers.

Green Bay Packers:
Once again naming your team after an occupation is unoriginal. And what are the Packers logo? A letter G? Beer? Cheese? Fat guys?

Minnesota Vikings:
How about the Vikings just become the Minnesota Adrian Peterson’s? Their mascot? A robot.

New Orleans Saints:
Is it ironic that the Saints did the bounty program? I guess nobody is ever innocent.

San Francisco 49ers:
“What is the most creative name you can think of?” “Um 49” Sounds like a quote between Spongebob and Patrick

I know that these teams probably have historical meanings to their name, but before everybody laughs at the New Orleans Pelicans, think about how strange of names are already chosen.



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