Why The Bears Are The Most “Complete” Team In The NFL


Picture courtesy of http://www.blogs.suntimes.com

No other team in the NFL is more complete than the Chicago Bears. Most teams specialize in certain aspects of the game, but the Bears have players in all parts of their game, making them the best “team” in the NFL.

So why do they lose? Because they aren’t amazing in any aspect of the game. Therefore when a few players are having a bad game, the entire team suffers. The Bears need every player to do their job, and if that isn’t done, the team fails.

On offense they have one of the best deep threat duos in Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler. However the fact that Jay Cutler has weakness due to the poor offensive line and that there are only a few reliable receivers makes the Bears offense only good. They also have the help of Michael Bush and Matt Forte in important running situations.

Their defense is even better. With Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, “peanut”, and Tim Jennings causes their defense to be great. However none of the mentioned players would be able to hold the entire defense together. But with teamwork, their defense is unstoppable.

Devin Hester adds that little scare to special teams due the fact that he can be explosive at any time.

Other than Brandon Marshall, I don’t believe the bears have outstanding players. However with all of the good players they have, they can make an outstanding team.

But if the Bears want to win games, they have to all play as a team, and they are the best team the NFL got.


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