Why The Vikings Can Not Be Successful

As the NFl season started, the Vikings were on fire. Adrian Peterson was proving that even busting his knee won’t ruin his explosive running. It also seemed like Christian Ponder was maturing as a quarterback.

Then reality hit.

For the past couple week Adrian Peterson has played extraordinary. And he wasn’t playing against no easy teams. Playing against the Packers and Bears he had 364 yards rushing.


Picture courtesy of http://www.sbnation.com

But even though he played amazing the Vikings still lost against the Packers.

What do all “elite” teams have in common? Patriots, Falcons, Bears, Texans, Packers, Giants, Saints…. Greg quarterbacks. A great team needs a great quarterback and the Vikings don’t have that. Name a team that has an elite quarterback but a struggling team.

Now look at the Vikings and Eagles. Both have extraordinary running backs with Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy yet they lose games often. In order to have a great team you need to have a great passing game also.

Another example of importance of a good quarterback is the Cardinals and last years Colts. The Cardinals have a great receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and they don’t have a quarterback to get the ball to him. The Colts last year lost their franchise quarterback and they didn’t have a quarterback to replace him. Their playoff team turned into a laughing stock just because of the departure of one player.

The Vikings can be successful if they had a franchise quarterback. A run game can be easily stopped if there is no play action.

Unfortunately the Vikings have done well enough to not have a great draft pick.

The number one priority for all teams is a quarterback.


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