Offense or Defense? A Texans vs. Patriots Preview


This Monday Night football game might prove to be the best matched game of the season. Why? Because they are opposites. Who do you think will win?

With the Texans specializing on defense with the help of JJ “SWatt”, can the Patriots have their explosive defense as usual?

On the other hand, can Tom Brady and Wes Welker be too productive and embarrass the Texans defense?

It brings up another question…what is more important in the NFL, offense or defense.

Clearly both teams have been very successful this season by either be extraordinary on offense or defense. But with the playoffs coming quickly, is it better to specialize in a certain aspect of the game?


Successful offensive teams have proven to win games consistently. These teams include the Packers, Saints, Broncos, Giants, and Patriots. Even with their defenses playing poorly, their offenses always seem to come up with the W. However, is it a good method to just our score the other team and don’t rely on defense? The Eagles and Panthers were not too successful at that this year.

Defense however have done successful in the league too. Teams like the 49ers, Bears, Ravens, and Texans have proven that defenses can win games. However, for these teams, when their defense has a poor night, the result can be disastrous.

It is also evident that defenses can’t hold an entire team which is seen with the Raiders, Cardinals, and Jets.

When looking at the Texans and Patriots, it seems that it will be a perfect matchup….but one team has to prevail.

Great Super Bowl teams have traditionally been great offensive teams, but that may change when JJ Watt and the Texans defense charge into the playoffs.

This is a great Monday Night football game that can help decide which is better… offense or defense.

Comment on who think will win and you opinion on whether offense or defense is more important.


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