With The Word Ending In Ten Days, What Does That Mean For Sports?

Since the world is going to end in ten days *(read disclaimer below), what will that mean for the sports world?

Here are 10 important sports stories before the world ends.

1. The MLB World Series Champions San Francisco Giants will continue to get no recognition. After getting 2 days of media attention after what was the most boring World Series, it is only appropriate to give them a round of applause. However, they could have stolen more bases so we could have gotten more free Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell.

2. WE WILL MISS YOU NFL! For all that you have done for us, we thank you and appreciate all the entertainment you have provided us this season. Some of that entertainment includes…
“Fail Mary” and the replacement ref problems
Suh kicking people in the groin.
Confusing NFL fans by making good teams struggle and bad teams do good in the beginning of the season.
Spending countless hours talking about Tim Tebow even though he barely played.
Having Adrian Peterson and Payton Manning play their best football after both had terrible injuries.
All NFL fans united and laughed at the Jets.
The Patriots are offensive beasts.
The Packers, Eagles and Ravens think injuring all of their players is good.
The Giants are crybabies about everything.
Gronk is unstoppable…. except during PATs

3. Manny Paquiao really didn’t end his legacy the way he wanted. Get KO’d means that Maryweather is everybody’s favorite boxer again.

4. “I’m really sad there was no hockey” -said nobody

5. Girls do rule! Just ask Sam Gordon. She is the only person Roger Goodell listens to.

6. After an intense NBA offseason, the Lakers proved that there can only be one dream team. And that Steve Nash and Andrew Bynum are fragile.

7. Although the Yankees have all the money in the world, they can’t seem to buy playoff wins. Oh well.

8. My NFL awards…
Rookie of the year: RGIII
Defensive player of the year: JJ Watt
Comeback player of the year: Adrian Peterson
Breakout player of the year: Colin Kaepernick
Offensive player of the year: Payton Manning
Regular Season MVP: Tom Brady
Best offensive team: Patriots
Best defensive team: Bears
Super Bowl prediction
Patriots vs. Packers… Patriots win

9. Ryan Bruan is innocent! At least that is what Aaron Rodgers said, and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t lie.

10. On a serious note, athletes are people too, with problems. For all the serious incidents that have occurred, it is something that we should remember and try to prevent.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk
Violence is never the answer.

Thank you for reading my list. If you wish to add anything, do so in the comments below. Enjoy your last days, and RIP sports.

DISCLAIMER: The world is NOT going to end. I promise.


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