Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? Who Will Play in the Playoffs?

Quarterback controversies seem to be detrimental for many NFL teams, but that is not the case for the San Francisco 49ers.

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It is not very often that a team has a “great” quarterback… let alone two. But who should be starting for the San Francisco 49ers, especially with the playoffs coming up?

It seemed that everything was going great for the 49ers coming into this season. Last season they were minutes away from making it to the Super Bowl, and it seemed like Alex Smith was hushing his doubters.

The season opened up, and Alex Smith proved that he is worth the starting position by defeating the much hyped Green Bay Packers. This was the perfect team to prove against with many people ridiculing the 49ers for drafting Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers.

To make things better, Alex Smith nearly had a perfect game versus the Cardinals, where it truly showed how great Alex Smith can be.

Smith was leading the NFL with compleation percentage at 70%, and had 15 touchdowns accompanied by 5 interceptions.

Then in week 10 he got a concussion and everything went downhill from there.

Colin Kaepernick got his first NFL start versus the Chicago Bears, and by demolishing the Bears defense put some speculation on whether Kaepernick deserves to be a starter.

Both quarterbacks are very much the same. Kaepernick has 67% completion compared to Smith’s 70%. Kaepernick has 3 passing touchdowns along with only 1 interception, not including his own 5 rushing touchdowns.

Kaepernick’s quarterback rating in his starts is 100.3 and Smith’s rating is much alike at 104.1.

Their records don’t say anything either. Kaepernick is 3-1 and Smith is 6-2-1. However, the 49ers have only been against only 5 teams with winning records, 2 of those a loss with Smith.

The stats show that Colin Kaepernick is the better starting quarterback. Since he has been starting, he improved the teams passing yards by 10 yards per game, and 2 more points per game. The biggest difference is his mobility.

Kaepernick has rushed 351 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns compared to Smith’s 134 yards rushing and 0 rushing touchdowns.

With the NFL playoffs coming in a few weeks and the 49ers having a 99% chance of making it to the playoffs, it is important to ask… Colin Kaepernicks mobility, or Alex Smiths experience?
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This weekends game versus the Patriots may help decide whether Kaepernick can win the challenging games. And if not, Alex Smith may get his opportunity.

Who do you believe should play in the playoffs for the 49ers… Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith?


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