Carmelo Anthony: NBA Player Of The Week December 10-16

During this last week, Carmelo Anthony has been the most lethal player on the court, and that is why he is my Player Of The Week.


Carmelo Anthony is playing a type of basketball that many would find “selfish”. But, by looking at his stats, there is nobody else on the court that deserves the ball more than Anthony… especially during this last week.

It all started last Sunday, December 9th when Anthony scored 34 points against the Denver Nuggets, with 42% shooting. However, that was his worst game of the week.

On Tuesday, December 11th against the Brooklyn Nets, Anthony scored an astonishing 45 points with a 63% field goal percentage. He was also 5-7 on 3-pointers for 71% 3-point shooting. He proved to be dominate from behind the free throw line, nailing 10-11 shots.

Then to continue his shooting excellence he shot 67% against the Lakers on Thursday, December 13th. Although he left the game early with an ankle injury, he contributed 30 points (22 coming in the first quarter) and 0 turnovers. The most amazing part of this game was that Carmelo Anthony was 7-8 on 3-pointers to give him 88% 3-point shooting. Who knows how extraordinary Anthony would have been if he would have been capable of finishing the game.

Although Carmelo Anthony didn’t play on Saturday versus the Cavaliers, his three previous games made him well deserving of the Player Of The Week.


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