Matt Ryan: NFL Player Of The Week (Week 15)

This was a very exciting week in the NFL with there being many great performances by player. Players like Tony Romo, Adrian Peterson, Russell Wilson, JJ Watt and James Jones.

However, there were three shut-out games this weekend, and three players stood out. Sebastian Janikowski was the only one that scored in the Raiders-Chiefs game with 5 field goals. In the Buccaneers-Saints and Falcolns-Giants is where true excellence was shown. The two players I struggled to choose between were Matt Ryan and Drew Brees, both whom played extraordinary in their blowouts. Ultimately, I chose Matt Ryan as my Player Of The Week.


It was a difficult choice for me to make on whether Drew Brees or Matt Ryan played better in their games. They had similar stats with both having no interceptions, only receiving 1 sack, and Ryan throwing 3 touchdowns and Brees throwing 4. I never rely on yards in a game to rate a quarterback because that depends much on starting position, amount of passes compared to runs, and the defenses success.

But basing on opponent and the rest of the teams success, I believe Matt Ryan played better quarterback on Sunday. There is a reason on why Matt Ryan had a 142.6 rating compared to Drew Brees’ 124.6.

First of all, the Giants are not an easy competitor. They arguably have one of the best front four that can disrupt any offense.

Also, the Falcons were not as successful as the Saints on defense and the running game, which added more pressure on Matt Ryan.

But the most important reason I chose Matt Ryan is because of accuracy. Matt Ryan only had 5 incompletions, throwing 23-28, while Drew Brees had 13 incompletions ending up 26 for 39.

That is especially important considering that the Falcons could not rely on a consistent run game.

The more yards and touchdowns don’t always mean that you are playing your best. Making best of your opportunities does, and that is exactly what Matt Ryan did to blow-out the Giants.

The Falcons have been under much criticism lately with people saying that the Falcons are not well deserving of their record. I agree with said comments, but on Sunday against the Giants, Matt Ryan proved that the Atlanta Falcons deserve the number #1 seed in the NFC.

And that is why Matt Ryan is my Player Of The Week.


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