Why the Milwaukee Bucks Should Trade Brandon Jennings

For Bucks fans, this season has been frustrating. After starting the season amazing the Bucks went on a losing streak, only to proceed with a winning streak.

Who is to blame? Try looking at their star player Brandon Jennings. I have five reasons on why the Milwaukee Bucks should trade Brandon Jennings this season. Read more to see my list…

1. His Style Of Play Doesn’t Help The Bucks
With coach Scott Skiles decieding that he wants the Bucks to be a defensive team with big lengthy men, there is a need for shooters…. and Brandon Jennings isn’t one. Yes, he often scores a lot of points, but that is because he shoots very often with poor shot selection. His shooting percentage is currently 40% which is low considering the Bucks need him to be a too scorer for the team.

2. The Bucks Have Great Replacements
With Monta Ellis, Mike Dunleavy, and Beno Udrih, they can be a great offense. Monta Elis and Beni Udrih are underrated passers that can have high assist nights. I believe too often that Jennings hurts the team with his poor shooting, leaving lost opportunities. I will say though that Jennings can be a playmaker, but he is a streaky player. We need to trade for a high percentage shooter, even if that means losing some of Jennings tricks. Monta Ellis can replace his quickness and really the only loss the Bucks will have is his high amount of steals.

3. The Bucks Can Get A Great Deal If They Trade Him
Many teams have been looking into Jennings, hoping that they could maybe take him, and that can extremely help the Bucks. When the Bucks traded Andrew Bogut for Monta Ellis and Epke Udoh, it has proven to pay off for the Bucks with Andrew Bogut being injured most of the season. Many teams would give up one of their high percentage shooters for a quick, pocket picking point guard.

4. Jennings is Bad For Milwaukee’s Image
In the past years, Milwaukee has not been respected as a good playing NBA city. Fans don’t go to the games, and revenue is low. The last thing they need is a bad role model athlete. In the past few months, Jennings has been caught on camera doing things that he shouldn’t. His high spending and cocky attitude don’t really represent well either. If you have spare time, check out Jennings’ Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and you will shake your head and laugh on how lavish he thinks he is. Jennings doesn’t fit we’ll with the community helpers Drew Gooden, Larry Sanders, Mbah A Moute, or Mike Dunleavy.

5. Jennings Doesn’t Want To Be A Buck
It is clear that Jennings wants to get the highest paycheck possible. That probably won’t happen in Milwaukee. Jennings knows that the team is looking to trade him, and he is ok with that. He wants to play in the big cities, so we need to get something for him instead of letting him walk.

There are plenty of teams that would want Jennings and an easy trade can be made. If Brandon Jennings doesn’t want to play in Milwaukee, than Milwaukee doesn’t want Jennings and he can take his troubles elsewhere.


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