Dez Bryant: NFL Player Of The Week (Week 16)

Week 16 was the week of the quarterback and wide receiver. However, one play stood out from the rest. Dez Bryant is my NFL Player Of The Week.


This week we did not see the usual spectical of running backs. Only 6 running backs had over 100 yards, with many of the leagues best having poor performances. Adrian Peterson had 86 yards (which could be considered a bad week for him) LeSean McCoy rushed for 45 yards and Arian Foster had an irregular heartbeat and only rushed for 15 yards. One running back that truly performed well was Jamal Charles with 226 yards.

At quarterback position, it was a productive week for most. 11 quarterbacks had a passer rating over 100, and 9 players had over 300 yards passing. Three of the best came from Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, and Russell Wilson, however, none of these players were quite as great as a few of the receivers.

13 wide receivers had over 100 yards receiving, but the two standouts are the two players that had over 200 yards receiving: Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson. Both had outstanding performances, but one went beyond the other. That was Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant had 224 yards off of 9 receptions and 2 touchdowns in the overtime loss to the Saints. He averaged a whooping 24.9 yards per carry and 0 fumbles. His most useful contribution was with yards after the catch.

Although Calvin Johnson also played amazing with familiar stats and beating the all time NFL record for most receiving yards, Dez Bryant performed better with his situation.

Calvin Johnson has the advantage by being practically the only Lions receiver, with 117 receptions. Dez Bryant has to battle with great players such as Miles Austin and Jason Witten for receptions. He was able to get 88 this season, behind Jason Witten’s 103 receptions.

Also, the teams situations made each reception more important. The Cowboys are looking for a playoff spot, while the Lions have been eliminated from the playoffs for weeks. The fact that Dez Bryant performed in an important game gives his yards and touchdowns more importance.

Although both receivers teams lost, both had extraordinary performances. And that is why Dez Bryant is my Player Of The Game.


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