Vikings Celebrate Halloween Early in Loss Against Packers

By: (Mix Master) Mike Bloom

Being this close to Halloween, I thought it would only be appropriate to use a quote from a horror movie to describe this game from a Minnesota Vikings fan’s point of view.

“This is no dream! This is really happening!”
Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Yes…yes it is.

The Minnesota Vikings (1-5) welcomed their arch enemy division rivals, the Green bay Packers (4-2) in what would be the last game played between the two teams in the Metradome.

Despite the losing effort thus far this season, Coach Frazier and the Vikings were looking to turn things around. This game followed a horrendous showing last Monday night versus the New York Giants. Josh Freeman started verse the Giants, only to be ruled out due to concussion. Christian Ponder was named the starter, and given the ball.

Things looked to start off with a bang when rookie Cordarelle Patterson returned the opening kickoff for a 109 yard touchdown, tying the NFL record for longest return in history.

Then the Packers got the ball and Mr. Rodgers and his neighborhood began their assault on the Vikings. Despite the injuries to key players on the Packers offense (James Jones and Randall Cobb), they still wreaked havoc all over Minnesota. Jordy Nelson caught his 6th and 7th touchdowns of the season. Eddie Lacy ran all over the Vikings finishing with 94 yards and a touchdown. Even back up running back James Starks had 57 rushing yards and a touchdown.
The Vikings offense once again fell completely flat and not one receiver caught more than 5 passes. Ponder finished with 145 yards and a rushing touchdown. Adrian Peterson rushed for 60 yards and his 6th touchdown of the season. This stat line pretty much sums up Minnesota’s night. They just could not sustain any meaningful drives. On the other side of the field Green Bay just ate clock and capitalized on their opportunities.

Aaron Rodgers’s Halloween costume should be Bruce Springsteen because he did his best “Boss” impression all night, like Bruce in his prime, Aaron had a hard time leaving the field also. Maybe it’ s because the legions of cheese heads who made the 4 hour drive to the twin cities kept yelling encore.

In the end the straw that broke the camel’s back was time of possession. The Packers owned the clock all night long and once again Aaron Rodgers showed why he was MVP just a year ago.

Only thing scarier than the Vikings defense tonight was the new episode of the Walking Dead. Happy Halloween!


2 responses to “Vikings Celebrate Halloween Early in Loss Against Packers

  1. haha! I just feel so bad for Peterson. Even with the team losing this season, he is still doing amazing. If the Vikings are not serious about Freeman, I would love to see a trade this week. Otherwise, just give up this season and draft. But for the Vikings luck, they wont even win at being bad enough for the top 3 picks.

  2. They are in pretty bad shape but I can see him having a small win streak closer to the end of the season when playoff teams are resting players. thanks for the comment

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