Reasons to get excited for the NBA season when your team is doomed.

-nba-logoIt’s time to kick off  another NBA season.

This season there seems to be major question marks all over the league.  Can LeBron and the Heat get back to the finals and ultimately three peat? Can Derrick Rose  return after a year long absence and play at a high level? How will Kobe play after his return from injury? Will Carlos Boozer continue to hide his baldness and keep painting his head? Questions that all NBA fans want answered.

These are great storylines and should make for interesting basketball. The NBA in recent years has been great, especially if your a fan of the Bulls, Heat, Thunder and Spurs.
But what if your a fan of a team that has no shot at the playoffs? These fans must be dreading a season like this right? Wrong.

What is there to get excited for?

Here are a few things you can look forward to even if your team is doomed.

Always fun to show your team pride right? Not if your team is lousy. I have a way to stick it to your team and still look fashionable just follow these simple instructions.

1. Take that jersey out the closet

2. Break out the masking tape just enough to cover up that last name on the back.

3. Grab a sharpie and improvise a nice message on top of that masking tape, the more profanity the better.

4.Now strut your stuff all the way to the game and wear that jersey with pride. (Which was cheap because your team sucks and you got the tickets for cheap off of stubhub).

See it’s not all bad. I love sports so the way I look at it the more sports on TV the better. Plus the more sports on TV means the more nights you can meet your buddy’s for a couple adult beverages at the local watering hole and watch the NBA on TNT. Win win.

Always think positive that’s why I don’t care if my team is losing. Obviously I would prefer to watch a winning team but I am a fan through and through and Ill stand by my team win or lose. Ill try and find a silver lining in anything. I can’t wait to see what the season brings.


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